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Integrate ScrumDo with Basecamp

Ready to take your organization to new heights of predictable work delivery via iterations or by helping your team focus on the right work? Want to boost productivity by ensuring you are using your team’s capacity well?

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Why ScrumDo?

ScrumDo is an app for teams & individuals that want more productivity from their work with more flexibility in how they do work.


1. Flexible Board

2. Rich Card

3. Better Planning Tool

Any many more features...

What about my existing data in Basecamp?

Don't worry Bi-Directional Sync Makes its easier to Switch between ScrumDo and Basecamp

Yes, you can switch back and forth anytime between ScrumDo and Basecamp to keep your work, iterations, and teams in sync at all times with ScrumDo’s bi-directional syncing capability, simplifying your work.

Integration benefits?

Adding ScrumDo to Basecamp gears up your team to conquer the complex challenges that face modern businesses today. ScrumDo allows you to import your existing projects from Basecamp into a robust project management planning platform where you can see the big picture of how your teams are performing and help you identify and address concerns right away.

Any many more features...

Easy Configuration

You need to be a Owner/Staff in ScrumDo and an Administrator in Basecamp to set up this integration. Please carefully follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is properly configured.


There are following steps to this integration that must be completed.

  1. Authenticate with your Basecamp account and allow ScrumDo to access you organization's information such as Projects, Teams, ToDOs etc.
  2. Choose the Project that you want to sync with or import as a ScrumDo project.
  3. Select the sync configuration as per your need.
  4. Finish the integration.