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Free Standard Premium
Time tracking
Track time against projects, iterations, or individual cards and export it.
Share Your Project
Share a read-only view of your project to stakeholders who don't have a ScrumDo account.
Third Party Integrations
Github, Slack, Flowdock, HipChat, and REST API Access
Priority Support
Your support requests go to the head of the queue
All Scrum, Scrumban, and Kanban Features
Everything you need to run your projects.
Email Notifications
Get notified immiediately when things change, or get a daily digest.
Customizable Projects
Customize your board, add custom fields, define your labels, and more. It's all in your control.
Planning Poker
Consensus based estimation for agile teams.
Multi level Epic break down
Create a work breakdown structure to stay organized.
Customized Reporting
Define your workflows with Report Profiles, and slice and dice your data with advanced filtering.
Agile Reports
Burnup, burndown, continuous flow, lead time, and aging reports are all included.
Import / Export Data
Use excel to extract data or bulk-update your cards.
Live Boards
Keep everyone in sync in real time.
Personal Kanban Boards
Completely private boards for individuals.
Keep track of your work with My Assignments, and see the flow of the project with the project timeline.
Team Management
Invite your team and manage who can do what.
Free Standard Premium
Projects 3
Time tracking
Share Your Project
Time sheet reports
REST API access
Github Integration
Slack Integration
Flowdock Integration
Hip Chat Integration
Early Access to New Features
Priority Support
Polished User Interface
File Attachments
Email Notifications
Group Chat
Custom Statuses
Planning Poker
Multi level Epic break down
Iteration Planning
Flexible Boards
Customized Reporting
Lead Time Histogram
Filterable Reporting
Free Standard Premium
Cumulative Flow Diagram
Flow Efficiency
Burn Up/ Burn Down
Custom Fields
Tagging and Labels
Vertical WIP limits
Horizontal WIP limits
Google Auth
Import / Export Data
Saved Searches
Live Boards
Definition of Done & Policy
Multiple Assignees
Value priortization
Personal Kanban Boards
My assignments
Team Management
Daily Email Digests