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Organization and Setup
- User Types
Team member, Team manager, Organization manager
Team member, Team manager, Organization manager, Public user
- Flow
Iterative and Continuous
Iterative and Continuous
- Conversion from Iterative to Continuous and vice versa
- Minimal setup time with out of box templates
- Github Authentication
- Google Authentication
- Mobile-friendly
Work Management
- Story Cards
- Custom Task Boards
- Defect management by task tag
- Custom work types
Tags and Tag management
Distributed Planning Poker tool
Sprint Planning, Spring Review, Retrospective notes
Import from Excel
Drag and Drop Ranking
Multi Select Card Actions
Move cards from one workspace to another
Customizable cards
Impediment tracking
Vision, Team Purpose, Iteration Mission
WSJF prioritization
Business value and Risk based prioritization
Points based prioritization
Due Date based prioritization
Time estimates
Flexible Points Schemes(Fibonacci, Custom Fibonacci, Shirt sizes, Exponential, Linear)
Customizable avatars
Custom images for card faces on the board
Card Attachments including Dropbox integration
Auto create card with email
Public Boards
Public sharing of custom fields
Enterprise Lean Agile
- Team centric workspaces
- Multi workspace navigation
- Cross team reporting
- Local collections Grouping
- Dependencies within a worksapce
- Dependencies across teams
- Multi dimensional risks management
- Risk visualization
- Enterprise Services Planning Alerts
- Tracking Team Emotions
- Tracking Team emotion
- Big picture
- Portfolio work breakdown (Epic, Capabilities, Features, Enablers Stories, Tasks
2 Level
- Personal Dashboard
- Time reports
- Dedicated Customer Success Manager
- Live coaching
Paid add-on
- Portfolio-wide User Story Mapping
- Release planning
Single level
Multi level
- Value Stream planning
- Program planning
- Drag and Drop assignment to team
- Peer to Peer Planning
- Sprint planning
- Risk visualization
- Data Driven Planning
- Constraints based Planning
2 Level
Multi level
- Customizable boards
- Managing flow of work
- Managing flow of work across workspaces
- Managing dependencies
- Managing Impediments and Blockers
- Organization wide, Worspace and Iteration Activity
- Live big picture view of current work
- Epic specific tracking
- Saved Searches and Smart Filters
- @mention
- Progress tracking of specific Epics
- Iteration Report
- Daily Activity Digest
- Customizable notifications
- Customizable boards
- Horizontal WIP limits
- Vertical WIP limits
- Connected Kanban systems
- ConWIP
- Multi level WIP
- Custom CFD
- Custom LTH
- Custom Aging
- Custom Blockers
- External and Internal Blockers
- Explicit policies
- Github
- Slack
- Harvest
- Flowdock
- Trello Import
On Demand
- Dropbox
- Hipchat
- 50+ Pre defined Agile metrics
- Custom Agile metrics
- Points based prediction
- Scientific probabilistic forecasting
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Customer Support
- Community help
- Email/Chat support
- Phone/Skype/Conference help
- Live Coaching
Paid add on
- Public Training
Discount at 10%
Discount at 20%
- On site training
Discount at 10%
Discount at 20%
- Certified Training and Agile, Scaled Agile, Kanban Certifications
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Deployment options
- Cloud
- Custom Domain
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