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Integrating ScrumDo with Slack

Collaboration & communication combined. Integrate your Slack and ScrumDo teams to build the productivity powerhouse.

Pace your Productivity without switching Gears

Enjoy power of ScrumDo with Slack

Perform lot of actions in your ScrumDo workspace directly from Slack without jumping to your browser.

  • Add work.
  • Update work (due-date, assignees, tags, labels and many more...).
  • Add a comment to card.
  • Block/Unblock a card.
  • Move a card to cell/iteration.
  • Know what you’re responsible for by getting the list of your cards.
  • Get the list of priorities on what your team should work on next right.
  • And many more features to explore, check here...

Join other successful Teams to use the benefits of ScrumDo+Slack

ScrumDo and Slack just work better together.